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Mastermind Speaker

This page will answer most general questions you may have about speaking at a virtual Mastermind Diva event and invite you to express your interest in being a speaker.

Mastermind Diva develops virtual courses, membership programs, events, and related products for people who seek spiritual growth.

Mastermind Diva builds a community of dynamic, empowering and exceptional individuals, who connect and collaborate for mutual benefit, and also inspire and support each other to continuously excel in life. Mastermind Diva serves as a partner, vehicle and resource that enables members to continuously maximize their personal potential, and take their lives to the next level.  

Through member privileges that include training, masterminding, coaching, networking, and much more, our members are equipped and empowered to meet their objectives from a spiritual perspective.  

In addition, we host one annual virtual event with the same focus. Each event gains exposure to a minimum of 200,000 people. We also host weekly training and masterminding classes as well as provide virtual courses to our community. 

Weekly Mastermind virtual events are 60 minute transformational training that offers a guide to an awakening with the objective to live for a higher purpose. Each Mastermind has a focus on spirituality, holistic health, and well being.

We look for renowned teachers, healers, experts and spiritual masters to inspire, inform and support our community in their awakening, spiritual growth and powerful transformations.

We are committed to offering continuous growth and constant learning. We offer our community guidance that they cannot easily find elsewhere to inspire ideas, positively impact their lives, and expand their minds. 

If you are interested in speaking at a future weekly Mastermind virtual event, please feel free to express your interest here.  



Most presentations are approximately 60 minutes. If accepted as a speaker, your talk must be focused on a single topic or idea related to personal growth, awakening, healing, or any genre of spiritual training.

  • Your topic, ideas and presentation must be actionable and interactive.

  • You must share your content outline, including all presentation slides and planned interactions, at least four weeks in advance of the event.

Speaking at a Mastermind Diva virtual event is an exceptional opportunity to get your message across to a community of individuals who are transforming the world. Your training will be shared across the Mastermind Diva online community for years to come.



We realize you may be an expert, however we’ve put together these tips and suggestions as guide to connect well with our audience:

  • Present a topic and training that will WOW the audience with your strongest insights, tips, tactics and strategies. We ask you to be authentic to form a genuine connection with the audience. Have fun, be personable.  

  • Pick one topic or theme and try not to cram too much information in at one time. Clearly express you concepts and ideas and slimplify complex subjects while still respecting the audience intelligence. Provide insight for the listener to take away from the training that inspires them to reflect on. 

  • This is NOT a sales pitch. It is fine to mention your website or email address but you may not pitch a specific product or service. You will be able to offer sales copy of a specific product or service to be placed on your event replay page and our follow-up emails to registrants. You are welcome to mention this at the end of your talk.

  • There is not a Q&A offered after speaker sessions. There is however an option for listeners to ask questions on the replay page.


  • All featured experts must agree to send at least one solo email (should be sent out no more than 15 days prior to the event ) to their list and at least two social media posts to promote the event, but you are given the option to send out two emails (the additional emails should be sent out 90 days and 60 days prior to the event) and weekly social media posts.

Proposed schedule:

  • 90 Days prior to event newsletter mention
  • 60 Days prior to event newsletter mention
  • 45 Days prior to event
  • Newsletter mention
  • 1 a week social media posts
  • 30 Days prior to event
  • 1st solo email (optional)
  • Newsletter mention
  • 1 a week social media posts
  • 15 Days prior to event
  • Solo email
  • Newsletter mention
  • 1 a week social media posts ongoing until day of event

Mastermind Diva will promote to its own list on the same dates

  • All featured experts must submit a guest blog post
  • There shall be no more than 2 outgoing links
  • The content must be detailed and unique
  • The content has to fit in with our blog theme
  • Must be rich in content

  • All featured experts must have an affiliate program


Attendance Package(s):

  1. Free attendance for Basic Pass (includes event, reminders, and opportunity to ask questions)
  2. $111 for V.I.P Pass (includes event, opportunity to ask questions, reminders, unlimited access to past and future event recordings). Speakers earn 50% commission.  

Duration: Each session should last at least 60 minutes.

Q&A segment: (questions from attendees) – Attendees should submit their questions via webcast page only.  

Upgrade Promotion:  We’ll send Basic Pass registrants an email to inform them that they have the option to upgrade to a V.I.P Pass.  


Benefit to Partners: For these events, the partners are the featured experts and non-speaking partners.

For the featured experts, participating is an opportunity for them to:

  • Grow their prospects list through the power of collective promotion

  • Gain exposure and enhance visibility

  • For online conferences, strengthen their brand and increase credibility because they are sharing a virtual stage with other reputable experts

  • Generate revenue through the 50% commission they’ll get per V.I.P Pass registrant that comes through their affiliate link

  • Attract new clients as they convert prospects from the promotion

For the non-speaking partners (affiliates), participating is an opportunity for them to generate revenue through the 50% commission they’ll get per V.I.P Pass registrant that comes through their affiliate link

What makes these events different:

  • Topics are narrow in order to encourage rich content and eliminate overwhelm or confusion caused by a sweeping overview of broad topics

  • Specialized content for individuals to receive the guidance they need to transform their lives and begin to live the life they were destined to have


If you’d like to speak at a future weekly Mastermind virtual event, please express your interest by filling out the form below.

Please keep an eye out on your inbox as you will receive further details from us within the next 3 business days.

Please read each agreement as it pertains to you:

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